Just over three weeks ago, the END IT MOVEMENT was launched by the END IT campaign. They are working to “shine a light on slavery” and get the word out that slavery still exists. In fact, there currently approximately 27 million slaves in the world, which is more than there has ever been in history.


In January, I had the incredible experience of sitting in on a roundtable discussion concerning ending slavery with the remarkable change leaders who are all deeply involved in the End It Movement. There were about 10 individuals participating in the discussion, each representing an organization or program that works to abolish slavery. Some march fearlessly into brothels and release young girls from the sex trade. Others work tirelessly to be sure that any free citizen across the globe is aware of their “slavery footprint“, in the hopes that we might one day be able to put an to end slave labor.

So what? 

Last year at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama included abolishment of of present day slavery in his speech (albeit briefly),  the first time a President has formally addressed slavery and its imperative abolishment since President Lincoln did so over 150 years ago. The conference the President mentioned is the brain child of an impeccable leader, Louie Giglio, who embodies the spirit of leadership in almost everything that he does. Giglio is also responsible for the End It Movement.

I would like to believe that most people would like to see the end of slavery in our lifetime.

This is not just something that is taking place in sweatshops in India or in brothels in Asia. This happens EVERYDAY in the U.S. In fact, the Super Bowl that entertained us all just a few couple weeks ago is one of the biggest days & locations for sex-trafficking in the WORLD.

During the aforementioned round table, one of the representatives suggested that the market is something that must follow the way that the wind blows. The ball is in our court. Why does it matter to us? Because we have the power. There is no choice. It has to matter to us or slavery will continue to thrive.

Now what?

“Once our eyes are open, we can’t pretend we do not know what to do.”

Awareness. Action. Advocacy.

Right now, End It is working to raise awareness about slavery through pledges to end slavery. They are getting the word out and calling people into action. Educating as many people as possible about what is happening. Once people learn the intricacies of modern day slavery, we can follow the lead of a number of organizations and do what is in our power to END IT.

To learn more about the END IT MOVEMENT and what you can do, please visit their website.

Leading Social Change

While reading Goldsmith this week, I was immediately reminded of Louie Giglio, End It, and the End It Movement’s Coalition Partners and the incredible work in which they have invested. (Coalition Parter information can be found on the End It website). Much like Michelle Rhee, Louie and the End It movement put every effort into the processes of breaking down protectionist barriers, opening space for innovation, leveling the playing field, and inviting the exceptional. They adapted to the very effective  ways of introducing change embracing a multitude of techniques, processes, adaptors, and innovators.


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