End It Movement Part II – Social Media

I’ve already introduced you to the End It movement, their cause, and the incredible leadership ability of their team. After reading Goldsmith this week and discussing the use of social media, I was inspired. Therefore, I would now like to focus you’re attention to their social media presence. 
So What?

It is amazing to see how much information can be shared and how quickly it is shared. End it launched just last month. They currently have 49, 230 “likes” on facebook, 59,916 followers on twitter, and 14,248 on instagram. The information End It posts is immediately shared by hundreds, even thousands of their followers, then by their friends and followers, and so on. Even better, End It has celebrities joining the End It Movement everyday. Celebrities who have millions of followers. As far as I know, End It does not have a building, it exists only in the media. How amazing is that? This movement that I was informed of at a conference just months ago is now constantly growing and raising awareness and money for a wonderful cause. All because of social media.

(Country star Carrie Underwood and Nashville Predator hockey player husband Mike Fisher, Nascar Driver Kevin Bayne, a collage of NFL players, Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham, and Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman)


Source: http://facebook.comENDITmovement/photostream
What now?
As change leaders, we can use the same media resources used by the End It team to spread awareness and information to countless people. I do feel that it is important to be sure that if you are going to use social media, you need to keep up with it. The End It team has presented an excellent example of doing just that; End It posts something to their facebook, twitter, & instagram at least everyday, often more. They also respond to posts, pictures, etc. sent in by their friends and followers.
There is, however, a bit of a catch-22 to utilizing social media. I have worked for organizations in the past that have really failed at keeping up with their social media. Letting messages go unanswered for months, not responding to posts on facebook, and so on. Failing to keep social media updated is a poor reflection on the organization. Essentially, if your organization is going to use social media, it is imperative that its social media pages are kept up to date and are responsive to the public. 

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