What? Concern over healthcare in this country has increased



Concern over healthcare in this country has increased greatly over the past decade. As many hot button issues go, the nation is very polarized in its response to the issue. But it is one that cannot be ignored. There must be some balance, a middle ground. If that middle ground is to established, I’m not convinced there will be an significant change to the way things are going. 

So What?

Today, I read an article concerning this debate and was shocked by the numbers I was reading. 53 million who did not go to the doctor? 50 million that did not get their prescription filled? 49 million that failed to follow recommended care? In my opinion, those are staggering numbers. Even doctors are echoing these concerns, stating that prescription prices are just too high and very out of their necessary range. How are they supposed to do their job when their patients are unable to pay for the solution? The Affordable Care Act is supposed to be the answer to many of these problems when it is fully implemented in 2014, but the very obvious backlash from opposers seems to weaken it’s political viability. 

Now what? 

There is a desperate need for some balance between the incredibly divergent opinions concerning this problem. I have friends who are doctors and shared stories about their patient’s families leaving their dying grandmother on life support so that they can cash her welfare check at the end of the month. I’ve also heard stories of women who have died of breast cancer just weeks after their diagnosis because they couldn’t afford to go to the doctor…so they waiting until they were in unbearable pain to go to the emergency room. Where is the balance between these two alternatives? Neither is fair.

As a potential change leader in the field of healthcare, I hope we find that balance soon. But how? Collaboration is an obvious tool in leading social change. And sometimes that collaboration has to take place out of our comfort zone in order to be effective. It might be uncomfortable and it might seem complex, but the collaboration of these two opposing sides brings a level of comprehension of the issue that is necessary for effectiveness. 

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